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I  had the pleasure of knowing and working with Bonnie Chastain beginning in 2002. As a communications professional with Oregon Health & Science University, I had numerous occasions to call upon Bonnie for help in the creation of various publications and other printed materials for our institution. Largely because of Bonnie’s strong technical skills and proactive approach to customer service, bbg Marketing (employer at time) consistently remained one of our preferred vendors for design and production support, even as our budget for such projects has diminished.

I was always able to count on Bonnie for fast turnaround, thoughtful communication and a personal devotion to quality in all phases of a project. I found her to be a strong partner at each step of the way, from brainstorming to budgeting to final production. We worked on a wide variety of projects together, from four-color magazines to annual academic catalogs to brochures and miscellaneous collateral. Her design and layout skills were well-suited to this range of tasks, and were bolstered by her strong orientation to detail and follow-through.


As a former magazine editor, I would not hesitate to place Bonnie among the best all-around design/production professionals I’ve worked with. She represented her company in a highly professional manner, and cheerfully exhibited great flexibility as our needs changed -- which happened frequently. In fact, it is fair to say that her personal style helped close the geographic distance between our Portland offices and her Roseburg location. We use other vendors in the local area, but none has surpassed the level of customer service we received from Bonnie and her colleagues.

In conclusion, I would not hesitate to recommend Bonnie for any position that could benefit from her uncommon blend of graphics and production know-how, advanced customer-service sensibility, strong work ethic and overall pleasant demeanor. I believe she would be an outstanding asset to any organization.

Best regards,
Michael MacRae
Communications Manager
OHSU Foundation
Portland, Oregon
503 412-6372



I have had the privilege of working with Bonnie Chastain for the past 20 years as a print vendor to the multiple print projects she has produced. I have worked with her closely and understand firsthand the pride she takes in being thorough and maintaining brand standards. She has a strong sense of loyalty to a group effort or project while maintaining, in fact setting, an example of what is appropriate, right and fair. You can rely upon her to do what she says she will do.


I would assure the reader of this recommendation that the above description is not too lavish in its praise. I believe that, whatever project or position you are considering Bonnie for, she is one of the finest persons with whom you will have the opportunity to work with.

Kind Regards,
Rhonda Colgan
QSL Print Communications





I worked with Bonnie Chastain for the better part of ten years as a vendor. The experience has always been a great one.

She has excellent verbal and written communication skills. Her projects are detailed and complete. Working with
excellence in mind is second nature to her. She's patient and has a sense of humor under pressure, and shows a sense of urgency when appropriate.


I always look forward to working on her projects because she's a delight to work with and she will always ask what works best for us. Something we rarely hear. I can't say enough good about her. From an employer perspective, she would be a
wonderful addition in so many areas — another rarity these days.


Vickie Ryan
Koke Printing
Eugene, OR


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